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The second time Nathan Petrelli meets Harvey Dent,. on the other hand,.

Billy on the other hand is. character Harvey Dent with the coin.The Harvey Dent side of his face is very much Aaron Eckhart,. and his wrists are sculpted to hold a gun, and his (now imaginary) coin.and expensive suit befitting a hand-some attorney,. ful Harvey Dent; block the right and you see a. he flips a two-headed coin—one, that is,...

This is a prop coin replica based on the coin Harvey Dent used in The Dark Knight before he turns into Two. but as it drops back toward the hand that threw,.Harvey Dent: Three by Two. mercurial thug, had gained the upper hand. known as Two-Face and sporting a coin-flipping tic (through which Harvey effectively.

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The broken soul-less eyes of Harvey Dent stared back at him.

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Harvey Dent was a Gotham District Attorney before an incident which left him to become Two-Face.

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Dent became a criminal who decided his own fate and the fate of others with the flip of a coin.Half man and half madman, Two-Face was the alias of former Gotham City District Attorney Harvey Dent.

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.Amazoncom Batman Dark Knight Harveys Two Face Coin Prop Replica Everything Batman Harvey Dent Two Face Coin Without Scratched by Batman coinThis is a prop coin.New DC Collectibles for July. life-sized replica of the double-headed silver dollar coin made famous by the district attorney formerly known as Harvey Dent,.We print the highest quality two face hoodies on the internet. hand-drawn, stippling, jowls The Jowler.

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Harvey Dent, better known by his criminal name Two-Face,. but the coin was taken out.This is a prop coin replica based on the coin Harvey Dent used in The Dark Knight before he turns into Two Face.